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If your from the same area as us,than you know there's nothing to do. Other than going to other peoples houses,there's really nothing else. There's never any rock shows,and there's never any people who are motivated to put them on. I usted to put on shows at the skate park every week,but I never got the respect that I should have gottin,so I fucked it. So fuck all ya all! I know,let's go get some water ice. Maby I can have two scoops instead of one. You'll be ok if you like to read or draw. That's about it for fun around Bucks County,PA. Please,don't have a good time ever. Well,things are going to change for now. Go to a inbred show and have a good fuckin time.I hope to be there with you,and if I'm not there,it's because I went to a place where you can do thoes types of things,you know,gettin wasted,forgetting about stupid things,and doing what ever the fuck you want to do. Matt.J---inbred jed

Waste everyone,having fun,fun,fun.(Robodic Space Dog)

inbred is always looking to play shows,do tours,and play music. Lots of people think that being in a band is easy. It's not,so don't try this at home!

Mon,April 2nd-Tohicken Tavern Ottsville, PA

Fri,April 6th-Tohicken Tavern Ottsville,PA
If you ever go there,don't act like you don't like hunters. Other than that,free beer at 12 "o"clock.

Sat,April 14th-Chain Reaction Anahime,CA

That was our first time in Ca. The croud was diffrent from the crouds in Pa,cause they came up to the stage instead of away from it. I think that inbred would do really good if they were to play in Ca more often.

Sat,April 21st-Hot Rod Show Hatboro,PA

That was a cool show,because there was fast cars right in front of us as we were playing. Next year.............

Mon,April 23rd-Mugs Doylestown,PA

We don't really like other bands at all. INAMORADA is one of the few bands that we like. They killed it. There is no room in there at all. We pretty much started the hole little rock sene there. Maby if were lucky,we'll get to meet PINK. I herd that she lives on top of starbucks in Doylestown.

Sun, April 29th-Kellys Doylestown,PA

Mon, April 30th-Tohicken Tavern Ottsville,PA

I have to say,the sound system was better,and so was INAMORADA. inbred likes to play with them,and you will see more of that in the future.

Sat, May 5th-Kellys Doylestown,PA downstairs @

Wineskin is playing,we like Tim & Evan & Evans' sister.

Mon,May 14th Poniac grill on 3rd and South st in Philly,PA INAMORATA/Go see them befor it costs to much!

Mon,May 21st Mugs in Doylstown,Pa
Me and My best buddy Chris Winward plated some country music. The croud was a bunch of Gs,but we shut them up and played our songs,Yeh Haaa......

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