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My new favoret band is Inamorada

My new best friend is Abby Mcdowell

Hi,I'm Matt Janaitis. I joined the band because they needed speakers,and a few good slaps across there fuckin faces. I like to play guitar and sing,ride tractors & 4 wheelers. The thing that I look forward to the most is having a farmhouse with puppys and ducks.

This is a picture of mee,with a fake hand and a houka in our kick ass video for the song,THE LETTER 8!!!!
People come up to me after a show and say,"Hey,""You guys sounded great." I think thats so funny because that wasn't me playing. What I do is hire a migget and a babby seal,and hide them behind the stage. I give them both mics...& guitars,and my personal manager rides the fadders through out the set."Orange Face," my personal manager,is the best in his line of work. So the next time you see us play;REMEMBER WHO'S GOT THE GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!

Orange Face
Orange face doesn't do shit,he must be like all drummers.

Orange is fuckin inbred
Orange is not only a good drummer,but he skates,surfs,and does bad stuff..............Don't be shocked if you see more of him doing what he does best!