NO! you really want a cd now don't ya?

I helped start this band with chris winward, he's no longer with us. He's not dead he just chose to ride rodeo in oklahoma, thats damn cool. He busted his wrist ridind saddle bronc but that dont stop him he still rides. whatever. I'm goin way back here. I need an awning.

i am that hotdog eatin dude you see on the stage slapping around ron and matt. i play that heinous looking red thing with 4 strings, i think its called a bass. anyway.... right about now me and my bunny are gonna walk down to the crick and run through some trails and try not to fall into the cold ass water.my bunny is a bad ass--this freind of mine pickel joe has a chow chow dog and he tries to front on my bunny but my bunny stares him down and slams his back legs into the cage kicking over his water bottle and everything. you should see how mad it gets when i dont give it his daily dose of alfalfa.he books around his yellow and blue cage and tears up his towels. hes pissed. but you can still pet him he not to bitter.BUt then again he lives in pennsylvania, and that can make you pretty bitter.

RIGHT Now my car is busted. i dont know what happened. luckily for me i have an 86 honda express motor scooter. it does 35 mph, it not to fast but it gets me to practice.

At the market
As of now april something, we run the markets in bucks county pa. We go up in there about three days a week, while everyone is sleeping or up in the chair we're selling pictures-frames at(handmade by us) at less than wholesale prices. On Tuesday we go to Rices country market to sell, "you gotta buy, you see this frame, you buy"we say there at rices. On Saturday and Sunday we go to the golden nugget in lambertvill, we say the say there but the people buy, they like our merchandise,but I don't know how to sell it.

this used to be bobbies
if you've been on this page before you know it was dedicated to little bobby and his hairpeice. But i commandeered it so now its mine, i'll have shit ass wacky pics up in no time or as soon as kim fixes her computer but anyway thanks for not having ADD