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There are four people in the band. Steve Haegele-Bass Ron Stango-gtr-vox Matt Janaitis-gtr-vox Bobby V-drums-rim shot. Were always looking to play shows,but show always find us. Every sunday morning,we have tractor races in Steves back yard. One time, they all lit my leg on fire to see if I could do it on stage. It didn't work out to well. Our drummer had a big set of hair, but now he'd rather where a mesh VOLCOM hat instead. WE SHOULD PROBLY PUT UP OUR BAND BIO HERE! i dont know if you've ever seen us at a show or maybe heard us on some radio stations or some swill. But nonethe less our name is INBRED JED, commenly referred to as inbred. We tend to be classified as, how did they put? ah yes, heavy power with great vocals, Rock aint dead all originals with an occasional juicy cover, something like this but you probably coulndt know for yourself unless you heard it, or better yet, seen it. But none the less I dont wanna right anymore so if this sucks or if the grammer is bad i don't care not even a little bit. Look for our name around, come see us you won't be dissapointed. HAHAHAHEHA