l e t s g e t t h i s a r m y s t a r t e d

this band is devoted to making you believe in the things you're either afraid to believe in or are told not to..experience the attitude this summer with the release of inbreds' first real release--it's gonna expand your perception of rock until the other shit is absolutely unbearable--
welcome to the world of [inbred]. To warp your mind into its' natural state of never-to be-normal- fight for yourself-fuck you-attitude


In case anybody was wondering the real name of our band. to date it is inbred jed. But since the lack of other bands in the area with names refering to such types of backwoods pastimes you may here us refered to as "inbred", "the inbreds", "those guys", "talented artisans of historic and baeutiful bucks county", and sometimes "the boys", "those assholes", and if you're JOHN and PEters in New Hope, "those drunk and beliggerent kids who were playing in the bathroom and trying to steal tables". But in the end the name on paper and the word on the records will say inbred jed

a typical summer night in historic rushland penna
this picture was from one of berts notorious spare tire backyard 4th of july beerbaque jams---we were in a fight with our label cuz they didnt want us seeing chad--chad came with us --the wiggs showed up and we drank our confusion until me and ron destroyed a giant plant holder with the help of jack D and cheap gin--oh wait thaT WAS the christmas party--++~~~A.O.F

the good, the bad, and the bored

fuck you